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Division Commissioner Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities (from the R.S.A. Soccer Rule Book)

The function of the Division Commissioner is to oversee and supervise the operation of a playing division. Some of the duties, task, and responsibilities required of the Divisional Commissioner include:

  • Assist the League Commissioner during registration - 4 hours on a Saturday
  • Team formation within the division, including finding coaches if needed - 1 to 3 hours per season
  • Conduct preseason coaches meeting and establish conferences - 45 minutes per season
  • Building division / conference schedules and their distribution - 1 to 3 hours per season
  • Determine Sportsmanship winners - 5 to 15 minutes per week
  • Monitor games in progress
  • Schedule makeup games - 5 to 30 minutes if needed
  • Tabulate game results and maintain standings (if applicable Under 9 and above) - 15 to 30 minutes per week
  • Maintain equipment assigned to the division (nets, flags, bags, keys, etc.) if asked to
  • Recommend disciplinary action against coaches, players or parents if needed
  • Work with the Referee Assignors and keep them informed of schedule changes and canceled games - 0 to 15 minutes per week

Usually commissioners do not run the age group that their child plays in.

Please contact any of the Board Members for further information.